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Tips to Keeping Your Child Healthy

Making sure your child gets enough sleep is an essential part of keeping them healthy. Children who do not get enough sleep tend to become more lazy then those whose do. Making sure they have at least 8 hours of sleep will allow them to be more alert, allowing them to be more active.

Reduce their sugar intake. Giving them snacks that contain to much sugar, such as cookies, and cakes cause cause the immune system to lessen enough to where they will be more susceptible to becoming sick with a cold or flu. Replace cookies and cakes, with fruits, vegetables, pretzels, and popcorn.

Get them off the computer or the video game for a couple of hours a day to go outside and play, take a walk, or even swim. If they do not want to do any of those things states, then make up an exercise routine that they enjoy and have them do it on a daily basis. Children need to exercise to maintain good health, allowing them to sit around all day, does not promote wellness.

Teach them to wash their hands after using the bathroom, and before each meal. Children love to put their hands in their mouth, even if they do not realize they are doing it. One of the reasons children get a cold or flu, is from germs they have accumulated on their hands during the day. Teach them to wash often to keep them free from commonly known germs.

Last but not least, instead of your child drinking sodas, or juice that contain a high level of sugar, Introduce them to water, 100% fruit juices, or milk. Allowing children to continuously drink drinks filled with high levels of sugar can decay their teeth, and lead to obesity.

Maintaining good health is essential for anyone, educating your child by teaching them healthy habits from the beginning will help keep your child as healthy as they need to be.

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