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Magic School Bus Bonus Pack Volume 3: Whales & Dolphins / Lands on Mars / Volcano Adventure

Magic School Bus Bonus Pack Volume 3: Whales & Dolphins / Lands on Mars / Volcano Adventure

  • Travel to exotic locales with Ms. Frizzle and the gang
  • 3 educational games: Mars, Volcano, and Whales and Dolphins
  • Ages 5 – 10

For Win 98 and later, Win NT 4.0 and higher, and Mac OS 8.1 through 9.2.2.

List Price: $ 19.99

Price: [wpramaprice asin="B00009XFRH"]

Tips for Parents in Bristol: Dentists’ Pointers for Keeping Children’s Teeth Healthy Even At School

Article by Bryan Abram Marks

Good oral hygiene on campus can be challenging to promote in all of the 10 elementary schools, three middle schools, four private schools, and three high schools in Bristol. Dentists suggest that good oral hygiene education should start in the children’s homes. Parents are then responsible for helping children practice healthy oral hygiene and preventative maintenance, instead relying on dentists to do repair work.Most children will naturally develop a sweet tooth early on in their development, even before their teeth are permanently set. As a good practice, brushing teeth should be done at least twice daily- especially in the morning and the evening before bedtime. But what happens in the middle of the day? Just because a child is not home doesn’t mean he can’t continue caring for his teeth. There are a lot of different ways that parents can help their children with this in the suburbs of Bristol. Dentists have provided pointers for everyone to follow; what is needed is a way to get children to remember them. Besides bringing them to the family dentist regularly, parents are asked to train their children to develop healthy oral hygiene habits while they are young. Apart from brushing and flossing, other helpful practices include avoiding drinks like soda and other carbonated sugar concentrates. Avoiding these kinds of products will help keep the teeth white and healthy. In addition, children can try to maintain a calcium-rich diet and chew sugar-free gum after meals. If gum is not allowed or available, then rinsing with water would be an ideal practice. In Bristol, CT, water has been treated with fluoride since the early 1960′s.Resource BoxDr. Dental is a family-owned dental practice that aims to give its patients quality dental care at an affordable price. The friendly and informative staff includes two Bristol dentists, Dr. Singh and Dr. Trofimov, in their Farmington Avenue office. Many families consider them as their family dentist and are always sure to come back for regular check-ups. For more information, call 860-585-9000 (Bristol Office) or visit

How to Use The Latchkey Program At Your Child’s School For Child Care

Go to your child’s school office and let them know that you need to enter your child into the Latchkey program. A school faculty will give you a form to fill out on your child in which you write his name, contact information, parent contact information, and emergency contact information. You’ll also need to know your child’s grade and teacher’s name.

Return the form to your child’s school office and let them know the first day that Latchkey child care is needed. The school will need to know what times Latchkey is needed in the morning and what times child care is needed in the afternoon. You’ll be shown the Latchkey room where all children requiring care will gather each day.

Bring your child to Latchkey at his school in the morning just as you would to a sitter or day care. Be sure you know the Latchkey hours so that you are not too early dropping your child off and that the hours of Latchkey coordinate with your work schedule. Usually, Latchkey goes along well with parent’s working hours so there isn’t much need to worry.

You’ll need to sign a form when you drop your child off at Latchkey each day and one when you pick your child up each afternoon. This is usually called a parent drop off list or a parent pick up list. You’ll write your child’s name, your name (or name of the parent or guardian dropping the child off or picking him up), and the time he arrives or leaves Latchkey with you, another parent, or guardian.

Once a week, you’ll be required to pay a Latchkey fee in order to have your child in the Latchkey program. This fee is usually .75 an hour, but varies by school and state. If you have more than one child in the Latchkey program, you will usually get a discount per each child after the first child that requires care. You can write a check or take the exact amount of cash to the Latchkey staff at the end of the week and they will give your fee to the school’s office for payment. You can request a receipt if needed for your records.