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Summer Infant Extra Tall Decorative Walk-Thru Gate

The Stylish Secure. Extra Tall Decorative Walk-Thru Gate from Summer Infant is pressure-mounted and helps you create and maintain a secure environment for your child. It has a hinged swinging door that opens easily in either direction with one hand. It also swings closed automatically. It?s fully adjustable to fit openings from 28″ to 48″ wide and is 36″ tall. In addition, the stylish gate is sure to go well with your home’s decor. Features: Fits openings 28? to 48? (71cm to 122cm) and stands 36? (91cm) tall Pressure mounted with hardware mount option (hardware included) Stylish metal gate complements new and contemporary homes One-handed walk-thru door with auto-close feature Age: 6 months – 2 years Dimensions: 28-48″L x 1.5″W x 36″H.

Sale Price:$62.52

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KidCo HearthGate Child Safety Gate 24″ Extension – Black

KidCo HearthGate Child Safety Gate 24″ Extension – Black

  • Extension is 24 inches
  • Use with Kidco Hearth Fireplace Gate

Finally, there’s a way to protect children from the dual hazards of heat and fire from fireplaces, wood burning stoves and barbecues, as well as the dangerous corners and hard, rough surfaces associated with hearths. The HearthGate is the solution for layouts that do not have mounting points straight across. The standard gate fits hearths 6 ft. wide by 2 ft. deep. The 24″ Extension allows the gate fit larger fireplaces and wood burning stove areas.

This is the extension only – HearthGate sold separately.

List Price: $ 35.00

Price: [wpramaprice asin="B000058DJH"]

A Child Safety Gate

One of the most important jobs you have to do as a parent is to keep your child always safe. Each year thousands of young children die or get injured because of accidents which often unexpectedly happen in our lives. We as parents, have always to be on the alert, especially when the baby growing so fast and starts walking by themselves. Adults must keep a watchful eye in order to keep a vigilant watch over the little ones. It sounds very paradoxical, but small children can be badly hurt by just trying to get to know their own surroundings. There are however a great number of accessories available on the market which can help parents to cope with this problem.

As you can see there are a lot of items around to help to make a super thoughtful parent out of you. If you have a two-storied house or a fire place in the living room you had better seek a child safety gate.

This very accessory will provide you the needed assistance.

How to choose an appropriate child gate?

Before choosing safety gates for your child you should have in mind what particular task these gates are supposed to complete. The type of safety gates your child needs depends on where it will be mounted and its purpose. If there is a stairway in your place there is a need of a baby safety gate mounted of the top of it. This should be only hardware mounted gates but not pressure-mounted ones. While buying such a gate determine exactly which accessory pieces and installation materials will be necessary for the application. There are special safety gates which can be installed without opposing and parallel walls. Any type of child safety gate is invented to protect your little one from getting into danger.

What construction is the best?

Speaking about construction it is important to mention that the most sturdy and long-lasting gates are those which are made of metal, such gates are recommended to be used around fireplaces, for obvious reason.

In this case they protect your child from getting burnt and arson. Baby safety gates can be also of wood, plastic, or mesh. Wooden gates are much lighter than metal ones and as safe as metal, however they can be damaged by chewing if such a gate is intended for a pet. In other cases the material which is the gate made of is more a question of taste than functionality.

Safety gates installation

It was mentioned above that the safest gates to provide adequate security in the top of a stairway are hardware mounted gates though pressure mounted safety gates are much quicker to install. Hardware mounted safety gates take some more time to install but are essential for many applications. Pressure-mounted gates are more popular because they don’t need holes to be installed, that means there is no need of drilling, easily moved from place to place, but still there is one blemish: a pressure mounted gate over time can cause worse damage.

One more piece of advice

In order to increase the security of gates read the detailed instructions for installing before buying it. This uncomplicated advice will help you avoid any unpleasant and unexpected difficulties when you bring it home.

Maximize Your Child’s Safety With a Child Safety Gate That Works

Child Safety gates will provide a cut above the rest protection for your child’s safety. All parents like to keep their children safe from the hazards and dangers from the outside world, but the home also has many hazards for a curious and a very active baby. Your home must have child proofing for the safety of your child. Gates stop the stairways and windows from being a potential hazard in the home.

Toddler gates are simply a miracle for those parents who are worried about their children and it also provide a protection for kids. The safety gates buying guide will assist you in purchasing a good and safe gate that will provide the most valuable protection for the children in your home.


Child gates are the best method by which parents could keep play environment very safe for their children. They will give the necessary inclusion and protection to the child while providing the little one with tons of space to move about and play.

There are quite a few kinds of safety gates used in the child proofing of a home. One of these is the Pressure-mounted gates that can be the strongest when installed properly. They generally don’t require any sort of hardware to fix and are easy to take down when they are not in use. Normally, when safety gates are properly installed in greatly decreases the possibility of a child falling down stairs or out a window.

Child gates gives security or protection for the baby and yet it is very essential that the child should be monitored during their play time as well and supervision of the child also gives proper guidance that is very necessary for the proper learning of the child during the play also.

Different kinds of toddler protection gates for stairs are:



Balcony and Bannister Guard

Auto-Close Child Stair Gate

Wooden Child Stair Gate