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Educo Healthy Gourmet Food

Educo Healthy Gourmet Food

  • Essential foods for the fridge and freezer
  • A great to any child’s kitchen
  • Made of Maple, MDF and finished with Nontoxic paint
  • Developmental features: organization skills, creativity, role-play
  • Hape toys meet all international standards for safety, as a toy manufacturer they understand the impact they have on the environment
  • In order to offer children a safe and clean world they handle resources with care and look for ways to reduce waste

Essential foods for the fridge and freezer are included here. Now there’s no need to run out to the grocer.

List Price: $ 24.95

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Sesame Street – Let’s Eat! Funny Food Songs

Sesame Street – Let’s Eat! Funny Food Songs


Movie DVDBubblehead waiter Elmo tires to serve food at Planet Storybook. While hobnobbing with Little Miss Muffet and others, he introduces several Sesame Street songs, including “Cereal Girl” (a satire of “Material Girl”) and “The Most Important Meal of the Day.” Best bit is Cookie Monster singing about things other than cookies that are good for you. –Doug Thomas

List Price: $ 9.93

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List of Healthy And Right Nutrition Food For Growing Kids or Child

This article tells us about the Childhood obesity or malnutrition among kids is not a rare problem anymore. In this article a list of the best food items is given that can ensure proper nutrition for every child.

The Prevalent mall culture that promotes diet the pizzas, pastas, burgers and colas among kids,  and the passive entertainment provided by video gaming, television and the Internet , have endangered the lives of kids in urban India. Today kids are more prone to nutritional deficiencies than ever before.  Comfortable as it may seem, a lifestyle where daily active outdoor play is nonexistent proves harmful in the long run. However with the introduction of simple foods in the diet, one can help overcome these shortages. We present a ready reckoner:

Not only kids but we all of us can also consider the following list of the best food items in our daily consumption.

MILK:   Milk is a good source of calcium, vitamin D and protein for kids and should be a part of every child’s diet unless they have a milk allergy. In fact, depending on their age, most kids should drink between 2 to 6 glasses of milk each day, especially if they aren’t eating or drinking any other high calcium foods.

APPLES:  Like most fruits, apples are a great snack food. They are juicy, sweet, have vitamin C, are low in calories and have fibre. Unpeeled whole apple or a cut up whole apple is the best choice.

YOGURT:   Yogurt is a healthful food for kids, especially for kids who don’t drink a lot of milk, as yogurt is a good source of calcium. But if all they eat is a kid’s brand of yogurt with extra sugar and no added probiotics, then they may be missing out on some of the nutritional benefits of yogurt.

BREAKFAST CEREAL:  Good choices include whole grain cereal that is calcium fortified and has added fiber. Depending on the rest of your child’s diet, you may also look for a breakfast cereal that provides extra iron and other minerals and vitamins.

VEGETABLES:   Introduce your kids to a variety of vegetables at an early age, offer lots of choices, and continue to offer very small servings of vegetables, even when your kids don’t eat them. If you keep offering them, they eventually eat them.

EGGS:   Eggs are a good source of protein and contain some iron and many other vitamins and minerals.

An egg every other day is fine for most kids.


Health: first aid for dislocation joint, fever and food borne illness

First aid can be done at home for minor problems in joints dislocation, fever and food borne illnesses. These three categories can progress to something worse. Joints dislocation will need hospitalization right away and severe food borne illnesses. You can try to reduce fever at home and contact the doctor if severe symptoms is found later. Don’t hesitate to get help if you see worsen symptoms.

Treatment for dislocation of joints

Dislocation of joints are when joints are force into another position
Due to external injuries, and rheumatoid arthritis
Dislocation can be from major joints, such as your shoulder, hip, knee, elbow or ankle or in smaller joints, such as your finger, thumb or toe.
Medical attention is necessary
Call the paramedics for help
While waiting you can put on an ice pack to reduce swellings
Don’t move the joint so that you won’t dislocate it

Treating fever

Fever occurs when your body temperature is above 98.6F and above 100.4F rectally.
You can take the temperature with a thermometer
There are many home disposable thermometer at health store
Take over the counter medication such as Tylenol, aspirin, or Motrin if fever is present
Do not give aspirin to children because they can develop Rey disease
Fever indicate infections or serious illness in children
Call your doctor if you have other serious symptoms with your fever such as shortness of breath, dizziness, fatigue, severe headache, skin rash, mental confusion, vomiting, and abdominal pain upon urination

Treatment for food borne illnesses

Food borne illnesses are very common with contamination foods
Food get contaminated easily without proper handling of it
Signs and symptoms of food illnesses are diarrhea, stomach ache, vomiting, passing, muscle weakness, and nausea. In severe cases you can become paralyze
Older adult, young children and chronically ill patients are more prone to food borne illnesses.
The immune is weakened in these people
When you have the illness just drinking plenty of fluids and don’t use anti-diarrhea because it may slow down bacteria elimination
Most illnesses go away in 2 days
If it persist you can contact your doctor
Call 911 if you have botulism which can lead to paralysis
Call 911 if you found blood with severe diarrhea