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List of Healthy And Right Nutrition Food For Growing Kids or Child

This article tells us about the Childhood obesity or malnutrition among kids is not a rare problem anymore. In this article a list of the best food items is given that can ensure proper nutrition for every child.

The Prevalent mall culture that promotes diet the pizzas, pastas, burgers and colas among kids,  and the passive entertainment provided by video gaming, television and the Internet , have endangered the lives of kids in urban India. Today kids are more prone to nutritional deficiencies than ever before.  Comfortable as it may seem, a lifestyle where daily active outdoor play is nonexistent proves harmful in the long run. However with the introduction of simple foods in the diet, one can help overcome these shortages. We present a ready reckoner:

Not only kids but we all of us can also consider the following list of the best food items in our daily consumption.

MILK:   Milk is a good source of calcium, vitamin D and protein for kids and should be a part of every child’s diet unless they have a milk allergy. In fact, depending on their age, most kids should drink between 2 to 6 glasses of milk each day, especially if they aren’t eating or drinking any other high calcium foods.

APPLES:  Like most fruits, apples are a great snack food. They are juicy, sweet, have vitamin C, are low in calories and have fibre. Unpeeled whole apple or a cut up whole apple is the best choice.

YOGURT:   Yogurt is a healthful food for kids, especially for kids who don’t drink a lot of milk, as yogurt is a good source of calcium. But if all they eat is a kid’s brand of yogurt with extra sugar and no added probiotics, then they may be missing out on some of the nutritional benefits of yogurt.

BREAKFAST CEREAL:  Good choices include whole grain cereal that is calcium fortified and has added fiber. Depending on the rest of your child’s diet, you may also look for a breakfast cereal that provides extra iron and other minerals and vitamins.

VEGETABLES:   Introduce your kids to a variety of vegetables at an early age, offer lots of choices, and continue to offer very small servings of vegetables, even when your kids don’t eat them. If you keep offering them, they eventually eat them.

EGGS:   Eggs are a good source of protein and contain some iron and many other vitamins and minerals.

An egg every other day is fine for most kids.


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