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Hygiene And Services

Recently, I went for a reflexology as I have done many times before.  However, that evening when I was playing with my children, my wife noticed some red spots on both my legs.  When I went to the doctor, I was told that it was due to some virus and luckily it was easy to cure with some antibiotic cream.

I suspect the virus may have come from the reflexologist - probably from the cream that he was using to perform the massage.


I thought of all the other services I took for granted and wondered what else I could catch from them.  The barber/hairstylist.  How clean are their equipments?    I was advised to make sure that the hairstylist change the blade used to shave.  But what about the scissors, comb and other equipments they used.  How about the chairs.  

It is possible to get mites, HIV, H1N1 in these places.  For H1N1, we are told that the viruses can stay alive for 24 hours. 


We go to a hotel, gym or massage parlor and lay on their bed.  How clean are the towels, bed and the bedsheets?  Many times, we see the stains all over them.  Who knows how old or fresh those stains are.


Who sat on the seat before you?  Maybe the person who sat before you had an accident and peed or pooh in their pants and more likely stained through their clothes on to the seat. 


Nowadays fruits and vegetables in the supermarket looks very fresh.  This is because of the pesticides used or even the wax that makes your apple look fresh.  

I was told that some of the pesticides used for the vegetables absorbs into the vegetables and will stay in the plant for at least 2 weeks.  If the vegetable is harvested in less than two weeks than most likely the vegetable will be sold with those pesticides in them.  No amount of washing will remove the pesticide so when we eat, we will be eating the poison.

Packaged food

A few years back, I bought crispy.  This is a chocolate bar with rice crispy in it that makes it crunchy.  I used to love it.  However, after one bite, I could see some crawling maggot from the chocolate bar.  I threw the bar immediately.  

Needless to say, I have stayed away from it since.  I wonder how hygienic are the production processes for all the products we consume daily.

Restaurants/Coffee shops
Even the food that is prepared for us by hawkers or in the restaurants.  A friend of mine swore off chicken rice after she saw how the chicken was prepared.  After it was roasted, the chicken is left to hang near a very dirty drain.

There was also the curry fish.  The fish is fried so it will be crispy.  If the restaurant is unable to sell it for the day, they can then fry it again the following day.  The curry can then be used cover the taste to most of the customers.

Unfortunately, we still do not have much choice, we are still using all the services but do not know how save they are.  I really don’t know what to do.

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